samedi 3 novembre 2012

Sorry!! Desolee!!

Jadinou is on job for the two weeks was to write a post or two.  Thats it.  Well, I have a couple drafted, and havent finished them. 
I honestly cant wait to tell you all about JuZha, but I was waiting on professional photos.  I have some now, and will be finishing the post this weekend.  I promise.

As of Friday my parents arrived.  Family weekend.  It was lovely, but not condusive to writing a blog post when your father continually asks "What doin?" and your fiance wants you to take the time to sit and chat.  "Meeeeggg!"
So - as he sits and reads Hunger Games (in French) I am taking the opportunity to apologize for the fact that Hurricane Sandy swept through NYC, and made it virtually impossible for me to update the blog...on top of everything else.
I found a few really awesome photos, that I am not sure you have all seen.  I thought I would share.
As for my life - apparently I cant get back into my office for another 3-4 weeks.  That means working at the kitchen table listening to "Meeeeegggg!"  prior to A leaving for work each day.  Riveting.  Awesome. 
Many people are still out of power, the subways are not back up 100% (not even 80%), and the rail lines are not great either.  While A and I were very lucky that our home was not harmed, many around us were not as lucky. 
These images are from Google Images, as I cant exactly get them off the TV.  Nor am I permitted to enter the subway where its flooded.  But I hope you enjoy.
I am going to try and also post some information in regard to volunteering and sending help.  There are a lot of options our there, but it is so darn hard to decide!!!!! 
I hope all of you reading this (especially in NYC) are safe and sound, with electricity, hot water, and enough food.  If not, message me, let me know, and I can try and help!

Je suis vraiment desolee!!!  Je sais que je n'ai pas fait grand choses depuis que Jadinou est partie en vacances. 
J'ai un poste sur JuZha qui est 90% fini (je sais, ce n'est pas 100%), and j'ai des autres que j'ai commence aussi.  Je vous promets de les finir TRES bientot.
Pour le moment je veux m'excuser d'avoir rien fait. 
Comme vous savez on a eu Sandy ici a NYC.  Je peux vous dire que c'est un vrai catastrophe.  Je suis triste pour tous les gens qui ont perdu leurs maisons, leurs voitures, et encore pire, des membres de leurs familles.  Honnetement, ma famille est moi avons la chance.  Et je suis "grateful" pour ce chance.
Voila quelques photos de NYC a ce moment la, ou plustot dans la semaine.
Je vais essayer de vous donner un peu d'info sur ce qui se passe ici a NYC, et surtout pour des moyens d'aider les gens.
A demain!

Until Next Time/ A Bientot


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