vendredi 24 août 2012

"Notre Resto"

Alors - il faut vous expliquer... mon mec, un français, adore ce resto parce nous l'avons trouvé l'année dernier... et apparemment nous étions les premiers a trouver ce resto, et les seuls.  (insert dripping sarcasm)

I love La Lanterna.  We randomly found it walking in the West Village when A (the boyfriend) arrived in America last year.  I had my birthday celebration in 2011 at La Lanterna.  Whenever either A or I have a bad, good, so-so, or any other 'type' of day - we go to La Lanterna.
I never received the "notre resto" memo prior to my birthday celebration.  That was a big deal too.
When I took the photo last night of the front (so you can all find La Lanterna when you visit NYC, or for you NYCers when you head down to the West Village) I was told "maaaiiissss nooonn! C'est notre resto"  (insert foot stamping and sad face with the bottom lip shoved out - he was kidding, he doesnt really throw temper tantrums on Mac Dougal, or in public in general)

So, why do I love Lanterna?


- good wine
- great staff
- clean
- and most importantly... the food is  Pour vous, les français, la nourriture c'est comme un religion, pas nous les fattys du monde. On apprécie la nourriture, mais bon, ce n'est pas non plus un religion.  Si c'est grand, c'est bon (ici).  Vous allez adorer le quiche, parce que ce n'est pas possible de ne pas aimer le quiche.  And the Americans will surely love the pizzas.  Typical, real, Italian pizzas.  Not disgusting stuffed this, or fluffy crust that.

La Lanterna, honestly, is an overall delicious and fun experience.  You are not rushed through your meal.  You can savor each bite.  The espresso is always delicious.
And hopefully, once you try the restaurant, it will not only be "Notre Resto" but votre resto aussi.  To all of you looking for a great place to eat... La Lanterna is clutch.  Necessary.  Delicious.  Pretty.  And I'm sorry A, not "Notre Resto."

PS : Save room for dessert... comme mon caractere - sweet - il y a un pizza a la Nutella... I'll say it again... there is a Nutella Pizza.  Get one.  Its worth every last unnecessary calorie.

Bisous a vous tous/ xoxoxoxo

Until Next Time/ A Bientot



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