jeudi 23 août 2012

A little test on the East Coast

Starting a blog requires patience and some knowledge of what one is doing.  Neither Jadinou nor I are the examples of such characteristics, but we shall see.  Hopefully, with a little humor, and a lot of fun, we can bring our American & French anecdotes into your home, and keep you coming back for more.

Until next time/A Bientot
Poulpy & Jadinou


Anonyme a dit…

Girls, I am really impressed of what you have achieved here....

Hope that this blog will last decades..

Just a quick comments :

I would think that a really ''smaller''logo/banner would help the visibility of the blog..

When you arrive you only see the Empire state and the tower... not the content...

Keep on going girls..


PS : Jadinou, your dream is to live in NYC???? Thought it was Singapore??

Girls en Ville a dit…

Thank you! J'essayerai de refaire le titre la semaine prochaine, ou toute a l'heure. En esperant qu'il y a beaucoup de monde qui va voir notre blog.
Let us know what you think as we continue to work on the blog. Stay posted for last night's dinner in NYC ;)
bisous Poulpy (M)

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