vendredi 26 avril 2013

Bad bloggers - we are so sorry

As you all know, Jade and I have not blogged lately.  We owe you all a huge apology.  I cant assume that you have been checking in on the blog each and every day, as much as I wish that were the case.

So many things have been going on in both of our lives that we just haven't had a moment.  And, as bad as an excuse as this may be, we still have to keep our day jobs.  We also know that keeping this blog going, and increasing our readership will take work, and it is work we are willing to do.  I promise.

Please check back with us in the next couple of days because we have so much to tell you, that I almost wish each day was 48 hours not just 24 hours. 

We will be back... promise...

Je suis vraiment désolée que vous n'avez pas eu des nouvelles de Jadinou et moi. On a tellement des choses a vous raconte!
Malheureusement la vie était super chargée pour nous ces derniers temps, et il faut qu'on s'assoit pour vous écrire. Je vous promets qu'on va le faire bientôt.
S'il vous plaît revenez dans quelques jours et on aura des nouveaux postes!

Until Next Time/A Bientot


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