mercredi 23 janvier 2013

NYC Restaurant Week

Dont forget to take part in NYC Restaurant Week until February 8th!  Its a great way to experience some of the best culinary experiences NYC has to offer, while not paying those NYC prices.  Its also a great reason to get together with friends and enjoy a meal.

REMEMBER - Alcohol is NOT included in this deal.  I would hate for you all to go out for a relatively inexpensive meal, and then have a surprise due to the cost!

Also - feel free to check out where A works - DB Bistro Moderne!!!!  Make sure you tell them you are stopping in because of Girls En Ville, and my husband ;)

Enjoy!!!!  And certainly let Jadinou and I know which places you loved!!!  I for one LOVE going to Cipriani during Restaurant Week.

Bonjour Tout Le Monde!!! N'oubliez pas de faire vos réservations pour NYC Restaurant Week. Vous pouvez profiter de la bonne nourriture à NYC, mais pour moins cher!

Vous pouvez même aller au resto ou A. travaille... DB Bistro Moderne!!!! Si vous y allez, dites que vous êtes là grâce a Girls En Ville!!!! Et grâce à mon mari! ;)

Aussi - Dans le prix, l'alcool n'est PAS compris. C'est important que je vous le dise car je ne veux pas que vous payez trop cher juste à cause de l'alcool.

Bon Appetit!!!!!

Until Next Time/A Bientot!!!!!



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