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A salon with a purpose - Adorn Beauty Center & Spa

I have been meaning to write this post ever since returning home from Bordentown, NJ on Saturday.  I just couldn't figure out how to begin, what exactly to say, and how to keep you all interested.  I am going to give this a try.

First - let me reiterate - this spa is in Bordentown, NJ not NYC.  I took an overnight trip to Bordentown to meet up with one of my best friends, Al.  She and I have known each other since my freshman year of high school.  Suffice it to say I had the joy and the honor of being her maid of honor in her beautiful wedding, and she has been a rock for me since day one.  She is, as we call each other, my HLP.  My heterosexual life partner.  And no, I cant tell you how or when these nicknames started. 

Al was amazing enough to join me for Thanksgiving #2 and take part in the celebration of my wedding to A.  You can see her in one of the posted photos in the post.  On that Friday we decided to have a girl's night this past Friday. 

After her amazing wedding to her hubby R, they moved from our hometown to Bordentown.  This past Friday Bordentown hosted the Chocolate Walk, which is what prompted us to pop into Adorn Beauty Center & Spa.

And so begins my journey in this spa...

It is owned by Sandra Bongart who is not only a stylist, but a Child Advocate and Behavior Analyst. 

She is the FIRST owner of the FIRST salon/spa to use service dogs to treat children and adults with mental disabilities.  These dogs are amazing.  They allow the children and adults to pick them up, carry them, love them, and act like children without so much as a wimper.  And trust me, you all know kids can be rough on pets.

As Sandra explained the process of training these dogs I was flabbergasted.  When she is training these dogs for famillies she has the soon to be owners present at the birth.  These future owners are IMMEDIATELY passed the dogs to coddle them.  As she trains them in the spa, beginning IMMEDIATELY, they are put in the stylists' front pockets to be swung around.  Enabling them to become acclimated to constant touch and less than enjoyable nap times.  When the puppies do take naps, they are placed in oven mits and hung in the mits to sleep.  As you probably hang your oven mits from the drawers in your kitchen.  The dogs are also immediately utilized by the children.

Many children have difficulty with a simple task such as receiving a hair cut.  However, as Sandra explained, for someone with a mental disability this can be even more difficult.  These dogs are available to calm the child, and allow the stylist to work.  They are soothing.
Adorn also has special wash sinks for use with a wheelchair.  And a special play area for children while parents receive services.  And on Friday (from 5-7, if I remember correctly) local children can come and play with dogs.  Allowing for socialization and a safe haven.

The name Adorn Beauty Center & Spa is also a registered trademark, since 1995.  They have a long list of special needs for whom they service here.  The members of the spa are active in a multitude of community service projects, which you can find right on the site.  Including, but not limited to, Fort Dix Family Fun fest, Autism Speaks Walk, Project Freedom Assisted Living.

All in all I had to write about Adorn Beauty Center & Spa.  It not only offers services to make clients feel good, it aids those with disabilities to appreciate, enjoy, and pamper themselves while at the salon.

I have included Sandra's business card because I think she can answer all questions better than I, and I think you should all consider taking a moment to check her out.  Or send her an email.  It really is amazing to see someone help others in the way Sandra and her staff help the community.

Je vais essayer de vous expliquer aussi Adorn Beauty Center & Spa. Deja, vous pouvez le trouver a Bordentown, NJ pas a NYC. C'est le salon de Sandra Bongart qui n'est pas juste une coiffeuse, mais aussi une analyste des comportements des enfants. Elle travail avec des enfants et des adultes qui ont des maladies mentale.

Quand je suis rentrée dans le salon vendredi j'ai vu quatre chiens et beaucoup d'enfants. Au debout Al et moi ne comprenaient pas du tout ce qui se passe. Mais, on a appris que tout les vendredi de 17h-19h les enfants viennent pour jouer avec les chiens. C'est un façon de socialiser pour ces enfants qui des difficultés.

Sandra nous a explique que les chiens sont la pour aides des enfants et des adultes a se calmer pendants qu'ils font des soins. C'était vraiment génial de voir les chiens avec les clients. On a compris que des leur naissance les chiens sont avec des êtres humains. Ils commencent leur boulot tout suite, pour qu'ils n'ont jamais peur des êtres humains. Sandra a vendu des chiens aussi aux familles avec des enfants avec des maladies.

C'est difficile de vous explique le sensation que j'ai eu en voyant cette femme travail sur les gens qui n'auront jamais pu subir des soins. C'était comme de la magique.

Si vous êtes a New Jersey pour voir un peu le paysage, il faut arrêter la voir. Vous verrez que c'est vraiment a voir.

Unitl Next Time/A Bientot!


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