jeudi 6 septembre 2012

Fashion's Night Out

Coucou tout le monde... je vais essayer de faire vite car c'est déjà 19h a Paris! N'oubliez pas d'aller feter
Fashion's Night Out! Pour voir ce qui se passe a Paris regardez-la. J'espère que vous allez fêter, parce que ca fait la 4eme année déjà.
Ecrivez-nous demain pour nous dire ce que vous avez acheté!!! Ca nous fera plaisir de savoir!
Personnellement, je suis en train de voir ou on peut le faire a NYC, et je crois que je vais forcer A d'aller faire du shopping. Quand je vous dis "forcer" je m'entend... je crois qu'au fond de lui il adore faire du shopping. :)

HI EVERYONE!!!  Okay I have a little more time to type this up, sort of, for the Americans.  Tonight... is Fashion Night Out

I am beyond excited.  For the past three years I think I have lived under a rock and never experienced the outpouring of craziness.
This year... Im dragging A along for the ride... I think.  For all I know the restaurant may have been a zoo, with a million lunch clients, and I'll be schlepping alone.  Which is okay too.
As of right now I am trying to figure out where to go, in what order, and most importantly, can I get out o the office at a decent time.  I know I know, if I wasnt busy writing this blog, I would be saving time, allowing myself to leave sooner... smart a**es... I'm 'eating' lunch (insert coffee).  But it I was busy working I wouldnt be able to PLAN OUT MY ROUTE!!!  Or check out the online deals - for when I inevitably become exhausted and shop on my phone.

Anyway, I think everyone should take a deep breath and venture out for this event.  I'm certain I'll get crazed, annoyed, and pushed along the way, but I think it will be a great NYC experience.
Also, if you do make it, let Jadinou and I know what you thought!!!  And what you bought!!! This way we can all trade hot spots, ideas, and great experiences.

Until Next Time/ A Bientot


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