vendredi 28 septembre 2012


  I need a moment to vent... how is it possible that I have been sitting here for over 3 hours, and cant figure out a blogger button.  I took a photo, saved it, made it 125x125 pixels... I uploaded to Picassa.. after, of course, having created an account.

But Picassa, after 10 hours of work, makes zero sense to me.  So while I realize I'm being 150% Debbie Downer,

I just dont get it.  I've tried multiple different functions for saving the photos... Picasso or a dummy post that I keep until the end of time... but, when I go to Picasso, I cant find the URL for the photo... and when I use the dummy post, and  view in HTML, and copy and paste the URL... its doesnt work.

Please take pity on me... please help!  I promise to tell you all about Black + Graze tomorrow!!  Which is an amazing boutique that just opened in SoHo, and has an amazing goal + vision + outlook.

Désolée - j'étais en train de me plaindre.  Ce qui n'est pas très gentil... je sais.  Mais bon, comme je disais en anglais, ca fait maintenant 3,5 heures que je bosse sur des "blogger buttons."  J'en peux plus.

Mais je vais pas continuer de me plaindre... je vais au DB Bistro Moderne pour attendre A, et pour un verre de vin. 

A demain pour vous parler de Black + Graze... C'est une nouveau boutique a SoHo!

Until Next Time/A Bientot


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